We deliver solutions

Innovative & scalable
customized technology

Browser, mobile & handheld
solutions & tools leveraging
proven technologies

We deliver solutions and innovative digital, mobile, handheld and IOT tools; by leveraging technologies by Microsoft, SAP, Idemia, Zebra and Honeywell to mention a few.

By combining an understanding of industry obstacles and a deep knowledge of emerging technologies, we build web and mobile applications our clients can leverage for years to come. It doesn’t stop there. Our team sticks around to help manage, support and update anything we’ve built.



We conceptualize, design and develop complex online applications built around the user and focused on the specific needs of each client; aimed at the organization, process optimization and productivity enhancement.


Mobile &

Were the solution requires device specific functions; for example RFID scanning, a device specific mobile application(s) is developed. We strive to ensure optimal performance, functionality, and device compatibility.


API, RFID, Biometric
& scanning

With the development of an API, individual applications are unified. This also allows for the incorporation and using of process enhancing technolgies like biometrics, RFID and scanning hardware.



We integrate into the teams responsible for developing technological products, contributing our know-how and experience in the management and optimization of development and implementation processes.Through these consulting services, we collaborate with clients from the inception of an idea to the project launch.